Protecting Your Freight Truck From Pest Infestations

If you are hoping to add some freightliner trucks to your fleet to increase your ability to transport goods, used freight trucks are affordable and easy to find. However, like new trucks, proper maintenance is essential for keeping the trucks operational for as long as possible.

For truck owners who are just starting out, mechanical maintenance and general cleaning might be at the top of their list, but pest control is another important part of owning freightliners. You can't let pests take over the trucks because that will harm future cargo and business. And it's essential that you buy the trucks from a professional dealer and not a private party looking to get rid of a freight truck they claimed to have driven.

Prior Cargo

When you inspect the trucks, always inquire about past cargo. Any cargo that's shipped can have a pest problem, but trucks that used to carry plants and other agricultural products are at particular risk. Truck interiors have lots of little spaces where pests can hide, ready to jump onto whatever other cargo you carry next.

Also inspect the interior of the cargo area, the cab, and the connections around the truck, too. Pests aren't always obvious, so look for debris like droppings or unexplained marks on the walls and floor near crevices. Those trucks you see at dealerships should be in good shape in this respect; however, if you're checking out a truck for sale from a private party, then you really want to look closely for these clues.

Combined Loads

Once you find the trucks you want, your efforts won't stop there. Always inspect any cargo you agree to take on to ensure it isn't infested. This is especially important if you are combining loads from different companies; you don't want one infested load to contaminate the others.

Planned Storage Area

Where you plan to store the trucks is also important. Even if the truck is empty, the space inside the truck can seem like an attractive hiding place. Ensure your property itself is clean, and clean up food and drink spills.

How does a professional dealer fit into this situation? Private sellers may not have as much incentive to get the vehicle into great shape before selling it. A company that sells used trucks has a reputation to uphold and should provide vehicles that have been inspected thoroughly. Visit a dealer like Arrow Truck Sales to see what's in stock and to find out more about which used truck might work for you.