The Two Things You Should Always Replace Or Look Over In The Sleeping Compartment Of A Used Truck

Finding a used heavy-duty truck should save you a lot of money, especially if the interior of the cab and sleeping compartment has been refurbished specifically for the sale of the truck. However, your work isn't done once you get that truck into your possession. You'll still need to look over the driving and living areas carefully and possibly start replacing items with versions that work better for you. You may think that because so much was redone before you bought the truck that you can get away with not replacing a lot, in order to save money. This is possible, to an extent, but there is at least one item that you should always replace and a second item that you need to look at very carefully.

Always Replace the Mattress

Unless you've managed to luck out, and the truck has a brand-new mattress that is the exact model and size you'd purchase, you'll want to replace the mattress. Being able to sleep comfortably in the compartment is essential to driving safely and staying awake on the road. The mattress you use has to both be in great shape and be one that lets you wake up feeling ready for the day. Because mattress preferences are so personal, assume going into the sale that you'll end up getting a new mattress.

Evaluate Any Refrigerator Carefully

Many semi-truck living compartments have minifridges and microwaves now. If you see a minifridge, take a look at three things. First, be sure the start-up power draw isn't too much for the outlet or truck power system. Minifridges run on very low amounts of energy, but when the compressor starts up, there's a short period of time—a few seconds, at most—when it draws many more amps than it usually needs. Ensure this start-up power draw won't cause shorts.

Second, look at the condition. If it's new, great, and if the size is something you like, that's even better. Otherwise, plan to replace the minifridge quickly because you want as much life as you can get out of what you use. You also want a fridge-freezer division that you're comfortable using.

Third, look at where the appliance is stored. If it's in a fitted cubicle, ensure there's enough room on the sides, top, and back to let the appliance vent. If the appliance doesn't have adequate clearance to let heat dissipate, its motor can overheat. You may have to change the storage area or get a smaller appliance.

Of course, the overall safety, mileage, age, and handling of the truck are more important issues to focus on at first. But when you look into the details of the truck, don't think you can buy it and be done with it. Make sure that the sleeping area will work for you.

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