Tips For When You Need Your Car Towed

Needing to have your car towed can be an unpleasant task, but it is something that most drivers will eventually require. In order to help you be prepared when this situation arises, you will need to be mindful of some steps that drivers will frequently fail to do when they are arranging to have their car towed.

Avoid Placing Yourself At Risk To Stay With The Car

Depending on where your car broke down, it can be extremely hazardous to stay with the vehicle. In particular, if the car is located near a busy highway, at an intersection or on train tracks, you could be putting yourself in extreme danger if you attempt to stay with the vehicle in these situations. This can be particularly true if it is raining, icy or other poor driving conditions as other drivers may be at a much higher risk of losing control. For these reasons, you should evacuate your vehicle and withdraw to a safe distance until the tow truck arrives.

Appreciate That Your Insurance May Cover Part Of The Cost

Towing a vehicle can rapidly become an expensive task if you are needing to have the car transported a long distance. Many people will automatically assume that they must pay the full costs of towing the vehicle. Yet, some insurance policies will provide limited towing coverage if you opted into this addendum when buying the policy. Furthermore, if you have roadside assistance, you may be able to have the tow covered under this plan. By being aware of what type of towing coverage you have, you will better know how to respond when you need to request one of these services.

Conserve Your Cell Phone Battery Until The Truck Arrives

If your car experienced mechanical problems in a remote area, you may find yourself waiting for an hour or longer for the truck to arrive. During this time, you might be tempted to spend your time on your phone. However, you should avoid depleting your cell phone battery. Depending on the nature of the problem with your car, you may be unable to recharge the battery in your cell phone, and this could make it difficult or impossible for the tow truck driver to contact you if they experience difficulties locating you. While this may mean spending some time being bored, it can be worth it for minimizing the time it will take for you to be towed to a mechanic. Visit a site like for more