Use Your Gut Instincts When Deciding To Purchase A Luxury Coupe That Has A Salvage Title

You spot the sweetest deal - a luxury coupe that is the exact model that you have been desiring, and it is being sold for a lot less than you planned on. There is just one drawback - the car has a 'salvage title'. What exactly does this mean and could this vehicle be a potential victory or a lemon that is going to sour your mood?

A Salvage Title May Mean A Vehicle Has A Sketchy Past

The department of motor vehicles issues a salvage title when a vehicle has been deemed unsafe to drive or has been compromised due to a natural disaster, vandalism, or theft. When a car has been involved in an altercation, the owner typically contacts their insurance agent. After an insurance adjuster has looked over a vehicle's condition, they provide a decision concerning if a vehicle will be totaled.

If the vehicle is considered a total loss, the insurance provider will pay the vehicle off and can then decide if the vehicle is going to be repaired or sold to a salvage yard. In either case, a car can later be sold for parts or as a whole, granted the necessary repairs were made so that a buyer can drive the vehicle. 

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It May Be

Personal judgment will be the main component of your decision process, so try to have a clear head when learning more about the vehicle that is for sale. Number one, if the deal seems too good to be true, remember that it may be. People don't usually sell vehicles for rock bottom prices unless there is a catch.

This is why you shouldn't be afraid to voice your apprehension. Be polite yet assertive when asking the seller if they would care to elaborate on the vehicle's past. Of course, the seller may be unaware of the specifics surrounding the reason why the car received a salvage title. If no information is available, then ask the seller if they are aware of current mechanical problems or damage to the vehicle's body.

You can also inspect the car by running your hands across its exterior panels, looking under the hood, and taking the vehicle for a test drive. If you are sold on the idea of owning the vehicle, take the splurge. Just remember, you may be faced with issues down the road, so be prepared to invest money as needed to keep your car in operable order. 

For more help, contact a local vehicle salvage business.